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Florance Electrical are available 24 hours to service all of your cooling needs. We have established our name quickly within the industry due to our exceptional customer service, highly skilled technicians and professional operation. We care about our clients and their experience and are striving to change the industry in Darwin. Giving sound advice on cost effective solutions and ensuring our clients are always 100% satisfied is our passion.

Catering for all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems in Darwin both commercial and domestic we are the professionals to talk to for any repairs, servicing or installations.

  • Fast and reliable service
  • Warranty on all workmanship and products supplied
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Cost effective solutions and upfront transparent pricing
  • Flexible solutions to meet any requirements
  • Huge range of available products from all leading brands including: Pioneer Air, Daikin, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Pioneer Air, LG and Mitsubishi Electric.

Introducting Engas Australasia and Pioneer Air 


As from 1st January 2018 the Australian Government has started to phase-down HFC refrigerants. R410A and R32 are HFC refrigerants.

We are excited to offer natural refrigerant retrofit solutions to existing air conditioners to massively reduce your air conditioners power consumption and natural refrigerant air conditioners if a new unit is required. 


Engas Australasia

Engas provide natural refrigerant solutions that retrofit into existing systems to reduce your carbon foot print and significantly reduce the running costs of the system. Depending on the application these products can save between 15% – 54%. These refrigerants are also safe for the ozone layer, having no ozone depleting properties and absolutely minimal global warming potential, Contact Florance Electrical today for a tailored solution to suite your air conditioners or refrigeration system. 


Pioneer Air

To have an air conditioner that can handle extreme conditions, you must have a refrigerant that can handle extreme conditions without decomposing. When chemical refrigerants decompose they can turn into lethal gases, such as hydrogen fluoride. Pioneer Air Blade Series DC inverter split system air conditioners are the most energy efficient natural refrigerant wall mounted split system in Australia. These air conditioners utilise Engas M60 refrigerant and state of the art technology to provide massive energy savings. Contact Florance Electrical today for more information on these air conditioners or to arrange a free site inspection for a tailored solution to your air conditioning needs. 

  • Ozone safe eco friendly refrigerant
  • HFC refrigerants are being phased out, why would you buy an outdated air conditioner?
  • Massively reduced running costs
  • Significantly quieter operation than other leading brands with synthetic refrigerant
  • Greater unit life span due to reduced pressure within the system

DC High Static Ducted

Built with state of the art technology with an important different - M60 refrigerant. Your energy savings will be as much as 38% compared to the leading brands of imported air conditioning systems that use synthetic refrigerants

Pioneer Blade Series

The most energy efficient natural refrigerant wall mounted split system air conditioning in Australia compared to split system.

Pioneer Renew Series

This product enables you to rebuild your existing ducted air conditioning system so that you can save money and enjoy the same excellence in engineering. Replacing your outdoor unit with a new unit that runs on M60 natural refrigerant. Enjoy lower operating costs, reduced enviromental impact and the safety of a natural refrigerant.

Don't put up with high power bills or air conditioners that don't function!

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