Save money and the enviroment!

Florance Electrical Darwin can help reduce your air conditioning and refrigeration energy costs up to 54%

Air-conditioning systems are the largest consumers of electricity for any building. The energy used in cooling generally accounts for 60% of a building’s total energy consumption. By converting to natural refrigerants, substantial energy savings can become a reality. 

Typically air conditioners are the largest consumers of the electricity for any building. Air conditioners run in the cooling mode generally constitute 60% of the total energy consumption for the building. Converting your air conditioners or refrigeration system to hydrocarbon natural refrigerants can significantly reduce this cost. Another benefit of upgrading your system to hydrocarbon refrigerants is the lower operating pressure, reducing pressure in the system and extending the working life of the equipment. 

Do your part for the environment and reduce your power bill at the same time, call us today to convert your air conditioners or refrigeration system to hydrocarbon refrigerants.  


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