Faulty Power Point & Switch Replacement

There are many benefits to changing faulty power points and light switches. The first we will discuss is safety. As old switches and power points age the plastic that they are made with becomes very brittle. This brittle and sometimes yellow plastic is prone to cracking.
Faulty Power Point

Sometimes just the plate will crack and then possibly begin to sag from the wall. Other times the crack can form on the plastic clips of the switch mechanism. When these clips break the plastic can then very easily fall out and live contacts will become exposed. This creates an extremely dangerous situation for everyone, as it is now very easily to become in direct contact with live electricity.


Burnt & Faulty Power Point

Changing old switches and power points is also a very quick and relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your premises. Having an old cracked, yellow switch on the walls looks very bad compared to new, modern white switches and power points. Contact Florance Electrical Darwin today to arrange a free safety inspection of your premises. We will advice of any electrical problems we find, including broken switches and power points.