Save money and the environment!

Reduce air conditioning and refrigeration costs up to 54%

Air-conditioning systems are the largest consumers of electricity for any building. The energy used in cooling generally accounts for 60% of a building’s total energy consumption. By converting to natural refrigerants, substantial energy savings can become a reality.

Typically air conditioners are the largest consumers of the electricity for any building. Air conditioners run in the cooling mode generally constitute 60% of the total energy consumption for the building.

Converting your air conditioners or refrigeration system to hydrocarbon natural refrigerants can significantly reduce this cost. Another benefit of upgrading your system to hydrocarbon refrigerants is the lower operating pressure, reducing pressure in the system and extending the working life of the equipment.

Help save the ozone layer

Synthetic refrigerants such as R22, R410A, R32 etc are very harmful to our ozone layer and due to this an international agreement has been reached under the Montreal Protocol that is now in place to protect our ozone layer. These refrigerants have an ozone depleting potential and high global warming potentials.

As a win/win for our clients and us we have decided to implement the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants within our business. Florance Electrical have the benefit of reducing our impact on the environment and our clients have the benefit of massively reduced cooling and heating costs. Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants are non-toxic, have no ozone-depleting potential and very low global warming potential.

Do your part for the environment and reduce your power bill at the same time, call us today to convert your air conditioners or refrigeration system to hydrocarbon refrigerants. This process does not affect any manufacturers warranty and increases system performance as hydrocarbon refrigerants are much better conductors of heating meaning they can perform more work (cooling or heating)



The results speak for themselves

Integrity is an important value that all business should hold in high regard. For transparency, we have videoed one of our many, many conversions and analysed the data for all to see. This conversion was on an older system that resulted in a 30.68% energy reduction. The results differ between systems and this amount was anticipated before conversion and the data relayed to our client. For clear information on exactly what power savings we can achieve for your air conditioning at home or in your business, call us and we will provide an accurate on site assessment free of charge.

7KW Panasonic highwall split system

Before conversion

  1. Refrigerant synthetic refrigerant R410A
  2. Running current 8.8A with the indoor unit set to 16ºC, high fan speed.
  3. Air on  32C
  4. Air off  12C


After conversion

  1. Refrigerant natural refrigerant M60
  2. Running current 6.1A with the indoor unit set to 16ºC, high fan speed.
  3. Air on  32C
  4. Air off  11C


Decrease in running (Amps): 30.68%

Efficiency increase (Delta-T): 5.00%

Overall system performance increase: 35.68%

12-month energy savings after conversion to Engas M60 $448.60