Natural hydrocarbon refrigerant air conditioning that uses up to 40% less power

Josh from Florance Electrical here, I just wanted to share our exciting new range of Pioneer Air air conditioners.

Two main exciting points of difference with these units, firstly they have no GWP [global warning potential] because they run on hydrocarbon refrigerant M60. It is a completely natural refrigerant. These units can save up to 43% of energy consumption compared to equivalent split system air conditioners in its class. It is very worthwhile in the Northern Territory to use these units as the main consumption of our energy is from air conditioning due to our hot climate.

Another great point is that the Pioneer Air units are more efficient at removing heat from a space. This is due to the fact that natural refrigerant M60 can absorb more heat from the air and has a higher boiling point than chemical refrigerants. This means that on a hot day these units will still be able to cool your premises whilst other competitors units that run on chemical refrigerants such as R32 or R410A will barely function.

As from 1st January 2018 the Australian Government has started to phase down of HFC Refrigerants. R410A and R32 are HFC refrigerants. This is due to the fact that they are so bad for the environment, contributing to global warming.

Any queries please give Florance Electrical a call as we are a distributor of these units in Darwin as well as the warranty agent so have an in-depth knowledge of the units.

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