Safety switch installation and upgrading of undersized mains

Switchboard Upgrades & Safety Switch Installation

As our desire for automation and more technology in our homes increases, so does the demand for electricity. This higher demand for electricity cannot be met in most homes and as a result the consumer mains supplying the switchboard would normally need replacing.

Houses are constantly added to over the years including extensions, sheds, more power circuits, air conditioners etc. Most old switchboards do not have the necessary protection on consumer mains to protect in the event of a short circuit or over current. Due to these reasons it is a good idea to get the wiring in your home tested for free by Florance Electrical Darwin. Below are two photos of dangerous switchboards seen all too often around Darwin.

Safety switches are an extremely important part of an electrical installation. They offer protection against short circuit and earth leakage. Safety switches monitor the flow of current through an electrical circuit. If a problem is detected which may pose a risk to personal safety, it will stop the flow of electricity within 0.30 of a second, protecting life and fire hazards.

Safety switches are installed on all power circuits and lighting circuits in a home as these circuits are the most generally accessible to occupants. Safety switches are also required on other sub circuits, but in a general household electrical installation these are the only circuits requiring protection by a safety switch.

To identify a safety switch in your home use the picture below. Safety switches will have a ‘test’ button on the front of them to test their functionality, this makes them easy to identify. Florance Electrical Darwin can provide a complete solution when upgrading your existing switchboard from fuses to current standards including: Installing a main earth and new water bond, replacing undersized consumer mains, upgrading to safety switches and testing the entire electrical installation.

  Still not convinced? Here are some benefits to installing safety switches!

1) Safety switches prevent electrocution

2) Safety switches identify faulty appliances

3) Safety switches identify faulty electrical wiring

4) Safety switches can detect water in your electrical installation

5) Safety switches prevent electrical fires

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