Dimmer Switches & Security Lighting

Set the mood with dimmers!

Dimmer Switches Installation


Set the mood with dimmer modules, easily installed onto your existing circuit with no wiring required. We can even install dimmers that are controlled by your smartphone!

Dimmers can also be used for security purposes, deterring unwanted intruders whether you are home or not. Dimmed (low) levels of light can be used to create the appearance of occupancy yet only use a fraction of the energy when compared with a non-dimmed lamp left on.

It is important to know that not all globes are dimmable. Please always ask if the lamp is dimmable when purchasing.

Contact Florance Electrical Darwin now to find out more about dimmer switches and organise a free quote to have them installed in your home!

Deter unwanted intruders with security lighting

Don’t wait until it is too late! Break-ins are happening all too often in and around Darwin. Sensor security lighting is a cost effective and fantastic way to deter unwanted, opportunistic burglars. Don’t be next! We can install sensor lighting for any premises for a single light or to light up the entire exterior of your premises. Call and talk to one of our expert electricians or schedule a free quote and we will discuss the best options for your installation on site.Having lights working off of a sensor means that they will automatically switch on when your home. This saves a great deal of electricity when compared with standard outside lighting by controlling the length of time they are on for.

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