Slash your power bill and reduce your enviromental impact!

What is your current return on investment paying an electricity bill?

No deposit, interest free finance packages available to help you save power today. Solar energy installations that are cheaper than your power bill. We believe that no Territorian should be worried about receiving an energy bill and have made solar an affordable option for everyone Darwin home owners and businesses.

CEC Accredited and guaranteed outcomes in house

Employing a team of electricians and solar installers, we can provide for all of your energy requirements in house. We take solar installations seriously, always keeping up to the date with industry standards and providing ongoing training to our staff ensures that we are experts in this field. 

Grid connected solar PV installations in Australia are getting lots of attention as they gain in popularity. There are a lot of “cowboys” as such, who do not take solar installations seriously.

A quality and well maintained system is important as these systems work with high levels of DC voltage which can be dangerous if installed incorrectly. Generally, a cheap sale price leads to a cheap quality installation and products.

Call us today to speak with one of our CEC accredited team members and install a system that exceeds installation requirements. Have peace of mind knowing that your Darwin solar energy system is installed to a high standard and that your family, home and power bill are in safe hands.

Installation costs lower than your power bill

Power bills are constantly on the rise, the time to act is now! We believe that solar energy should be affordable and accessible to every home or a business owner.

Offering many options for finance we can install your Darwin solar system at no upfront cost with easy and affordable repayments that are much cheaper than your current power bill. This makes solar an easy choice and affordable to all homeowners.

Alternatively, for larger systems or businesses we can work off-balance-sheet ensuring that the system is literally putting money back in your pocket! 

With a large team of Darwin locals, we can install your solar system today! Don’t wait for companies that can quote today but cannot complete the work for months, start saving today.

Save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by installing a clean energy system that uses energy from the sun rather than burning fossil fuels, leading to less air pollution and greenhouse gases. 

Why choose Florance Electrical?

We are proud to have the most 5 star reviews for electrical and solar services! Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers are saying about us by viewing our Google reviews.

A personal service is how we have gained our rating, always taking the time to understand your energy needs and offering a tailored solar PV solution.

We care about our client’s experience! Always going the extra mile to offer personal and friendly service combined with stellar workmanship at a great price is why we have this rating.

We are proud of our solid reputation in the Northern Territory which is built on putting our clients first, quality workmanship, communication and aligning with reputable companies and brands.

We promise to use great quality products, perform our work to a high standard and always be available for any after sales support required. Our relationship with you as a client does not end after we install your system, we are always here and available to help 24 hours a day. 

How much are you spending on power?

Florance Electrical offer a free onsite energy audit to understand your energy consumption and provide useful tips that are free to implement to start saving you power straight away, book here.

Do you know where you are using the most power in your home or business? Or better yet, how to reduce it instantly at no cost?

We also can also provide products to compliment solar systems that can drastically reduce power consumption within your premises such as hydrocarbon refrigerants and variable speed drives.

It doesn’t end after the installation

We are committed to our clients and care and value our community. Adding value is our motto!

We will monitor your system throughout its lifetime at no cost to ensure your system is always operating in peak conditions so that you get the best return of investment possible. 

We can maintain and repair existing systems at an affordable cost to take the pain of maintaining your system off your plate.

Solar systems are not something that can be installed on a roof and forgotten about.

They require attention to ensure they are operating well and that they are safe.

We have tailored maintenance packages available so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy ongoing credit on your power bill and feel secure that your system is well maintained and safe. 

Eventually our amazing feed “in tariff” will reduce

Darwin is one of the most ideal places in the world to install a solar energy system. We have very high levels of solar radiation leading to great system returns and production.

With recent updates from our supply authority due to battery systems, the old feed in tariff of 26 cents is finished. Don’t let a tariff dictate your decision for solar power as power costs will continually rise. Insulate yourself against rising power costs by installing a solar system and be in control of your power bill!

Solar systems in Darwin generate high amounts of power which will offset your power usage, export to the grid and can easily charge batteries, let us help turn your power bill into a power credit. 

The time to install a solar energy system is now. Contact us today for a free assessment with an expert

Need some help and advice?

We pride ourselves on service and can visit your premises to understand your energy needs without delay. Have questions about solar power, why not lean on our knowledge?

Call us today and we will send a CEC accredited solar electrician to your premises to explain solar power, how it works, what the process is and any other question you may have. With so much information available it is easy to become overwhelmed. Let us simplify the process and give clear and accurate information to you. We are here to help, contact us!

Have an existing system that is not performing properly?

Our energy specialists love a challenge and helping our clients, we have the ability to repair all brands of solar and battery systems. We enjoy helping our clients and also fault finding an issue to give clear information and direction on the best path to take for repair or replacement of an existing system.

We also have solar energy maintenance packages available for existing systems. Providing an in depth service, we will clean the solar system and inspect all aspects of your solar system, gathering all data required for a complete safety assessment of your solar arrays, inverter and all associated equipment.

Solar systems need to be treated with respect and care. They are not something that can be installed and forgotten about. If not properly checked and maintained they can potentially become dangerous or lead to poor production and therefore returns. Protect your investment today and ensure it is safe and maintained well to enjoy returns well into the future rather.

Let us help you take back control of your power bill and budget.

Contact Florance Electrical today for a free solar power assessment onsite with an accredited expert. Our team are friendly, helpful, able to answer all of your solar power questions and provide a proposal on a solar system tailored to your unique requirements.