Reduce The Electricity Consumed By Your Pool!

Update Your Overworked And Inefficient Pool Pump!

Are you ready to update your overworked, inefficient pool pump? We have the perfect solution for you! 

By installing a Pool Pump Drive you could be saving up to 75% on your pumps running cost. The Pool Pump Drive has been proven to give the most effective results whilst maximizing the savings on your energy bill, it’s compatible with 90% of existing pool pumps and quick and easy to install, so what are you waiting for, call us today 8983 3000.

 Based against proven results, we can reduce the power consumed by your pool pump by 75% whilst still achieving the same filtering result. We can also reduce the wear and tear on the salt cell and reduce the noise emitted from the pump! Why not invest today and save money on your power bill?

  • Reduced chemical usage & salt cell wear
  • Reduces noise and extends the life of the pump
  • 2 Years manufacturers warranty
  • Easy use, one touch panel
  • Environmentally friendly

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